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JUSTRITE Limited a 100% owned Nigerian Company was incorporated in the year 2001 to carry on the business of departmental Stores and super stores.

JUSTRITE Limited is a merchandising outfit. The firm has expertise and experience in managing complex procurement requirements, commodity trading. The firm with its technical partners has interests in general retailing through its super store. Justrite also collaborates with other allied firms in undertaking and executing projects as the situation demands. Our retailing arm, JUSTRITE Superstores was established ten (10) years ago as a corner shop and metamorphosed into its present size and location in year 2006. It is strategically located on the Ota-Idiroko Road

It is the biggest retail store in Ota, a town in Ogun State, Nigeria with an estimated 163,783 residents living in or around it has the third largest concentration of industries in Nigeria. Between Ota in Ogun state and Victoria Island in Lagos, JUSTRITE with a shop floor of about 1100sqms has the largest shop floor.

It prides as the biggest and the best retail store in Ota with a strong market acceptance and equally enjoys strong brand equity. JUSTRITE has small but effective and supportive management and administrative staff that manage its day-to-day operations. It employs on ad-hoc basis experts as may be required.


Justrite Super Store is an ultra modern mega store. We stock and sell a wide variety of goods.


Justrite Super Store is an ultra modern mega store. We stock and sell a wide variety of goods.


- To become the preferred store for all our customers;
- To offer the highest quality service to all our customers without exception
- To be known as the friendly store


- Give our customers a wide range of choices available within the market.
- We want our customers to have a great and convenient shopping experience.
- Providing high quality goods at affordable prices.


- The customer is the main reason we are in business. Without the customer, we don’t exist.
- We love, respect and cherish all our customers.
- Our customers are like kings & queens.

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